"Behind The Jewels" Q&A with Cleopatra's Bling Founder - Olivia Cummings

Olivia Cummings is a breath of fresh air. Her brand Cleopatra's Bling is unlike anything I have seen before. Magical, mystical and oh so original. 

Cleopatra's Bling is completely true to Olivia and her dynamic, creative and wondrous character. Australian born Olivia learnt to hand carve her treasures on her travels in Europe. She never seems to stop and slow down, this woman is a true power house. Constantly learning and evolving as she and her brand grows. 

We are very lucky to stock such a beautiful brand that means so much to me and all of you customers.

I hope you enjoy what Olivia has to say....

JC: First sentimental piece of jewellery you bought/were gifted? Why is it sentimental?


OC: I have a beautiful charm bracelet from my grandmother which was gifted to me as a child and holds a special place in my heart. It’s sentimental because I remember it so clearly and it sparks childhood nostalgia. 


JC: How many places have you lived in the world?


I have lived in Melbourne, Berlin, Paris, Istanbul and now Naples. 


JC: What led you to learn to make and design jewellery? What was that “light bulb” moment?


I left Paris after six years to live a more creative life in Istanbul. At the time I wasn’t sure exactly what I was doing, I do not believe I knew that my life was about to change very dramatically but I suppose that deep down I was looking for more. The artisans of the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul taught me and the rest is history. Best decision I ever made. 


JC: Tell us about your spirituality. What affect does that have on your life?


I think spirituality is very personal and in my case, having grown up in a spiritual family, it’s second nature. I really just believe there is more going on out there than meets the eye and I believe that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience on earth. We are here to learn and grow, not to be perfect. It’s also a relief in some ways to believe in something bigger, it makes the mundane experiences of life feel lighter. 


JC: Your favourite books and podcasts?


I listen to so many podcasts: On Being, Anne Ortelee does a weekly astrology podcast I listen to without fail each week, The Ottoman History Podcast. At the moment I am reading Yogini by Shambhavi Lorain Chopra. 



JC: The best place you’ve ever eaten and why?


Honestly, Italy. It’s just always amazing- quality, produce. Italians have nailed food. 


JC: Best boutiques in the world? Top three please.


I’m actually not a real boutique shopper, I generally buy vintage! But I love Liberty London for the experience of going in there, I love Merci in Paris and for amazing vintage in Naples Sun Ra Vintage. 



JC: Pearls of wisdom for the reader.


Just be your beautiful self and keep moving forward. 


Thank you Olivia. You can shop her magical collection here.

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